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Down Periscope

Posted in News with tags , , on February 7, 2010 by Nathan Douglas

Things are going to be fairly quiet here over the next few weeks.  I’m this close to finishing Part III of my Public Enemies series, but it’s expanded considerably from where it started – of the pieces I drafted in the summer, this one was the most incomplete and as I’ve tackled it anew, it’s only gotten deeper and more intriguing.  I’m not keen on rushing it, though, despite my initial plan to finish it quickly.

Overall, this blog may get quiet because of a major sporting event’s commencement in my city, combined with my involvement with said event.  I won’t have much time over the next three weeks to do much writing, though I will try my hardest.

In the meantime, I’ll note a couple bits of belated Letters To Father Jacob news.

1. The bad: it did not make the Academy’s Foreign Language Film shortlist, let alone the actual nominees.  What this means for the chance of future North American distribution, on home video or in theatres, I do not know.  I doubt we’ll see a theatrical release in Canada.

2. The good: it cleaned up at the Jussis – the Finnish film awards – with wins for Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Score.  And while he didn’t win for his lensing of Father Jacob, cinematographer Tuomo Hutri took home an award for another film, The Visitor. Hat tip: Peter T. Chattaway.