Why I Fell Off The Heroes Bandwagon

Gabriel McKee summarizes the reasons why I no longer watch Heroes.  What he says has been bouncing in my head in one form or another since I started watching the show in 2007 (doing the entire first season over one frenzied week of viewing), but I could never really put my finger on it.  McKee has.  He’s dead-right.

First season was compelling in its serial format, but in the end there were only about three episodes (the Pilot, Company Man, and maybe one of the near-last ones) that were really worth seeing.  The other 20 odd shows were for commuting to those moments via extremely long detours.  To call second season a train wreck would be an insult to legitimate train accidents.  I gave up about the third episode of season 3, as it was no longer terrible, just terribly mediocre.

This show is dead.  Not that it was ever really alive to begin with.  Let it die, and soon.


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