“I don’t know if we can win this war.”


The new trailer for Terminator Salvation is up at Apple.

Some quick thoughts:

For director McG, this looks like it’s going to be a good step  away from the colourful overkill of Charlie’s Angels.  Yes, it has that desaturated “dystopian look” that we expect in our post-apocalyptic films.  It still looks cool.

Christian Bale as John Connor: I think Bale could make any role interesting; his John Connor looks believable and sounds about as gruff as one can get without sounding like another recent classic movie hero played by Bale.


I fear there will be too much action, and not enough of the important stuff like character development and plot.  This looks like a full-fledged war film, and those are always more compelling when we care about what’s at stake and who’s in danger.

“Win or lose, this war ends tonight.” After the dissatisfying handling of the Matrix Revolutions’ conclusion, I’m leery of phrases like that.


As a trailer, this is a bizarre piece of marketing.  For once, they don’t telegraph the entire plot.  I can’t figure out what Bale mutters in the middle of it, something along the lines of “Those Sams have been busy.”  The trailer spends a good amount of time setting up his confrontation with what I can only assume is the Arnold terminator look-alike and then drops that whole thread like a hot potato.  I find it weird how the trailer ends on a pathetic climax: the last image is a gigantic robot unfolding his gun, and then firing it offscreen, not at the heroes in frame, not at the camera, nothing to get the audience all hot and bothered about this forthcoming epic.

Maybe it’s just the marketing people, but something feels off.

Terminator Salvation will trash cities come May 22.


One Response to ““I don’t know if we can win this war.””

  1. My question is, why did Bale fix his Batman voice halfway through filming TDK, then use it for Terminator Salvation?

    Why Does John Connor Talk Like That?
    Why. Why.

    Did He Smoke?


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