“Do you feel like you were meant for something better?”


The newest trailer for J.J. Abram’s film reboot of Star Trek is available at Apple Trailers.

Ever since this project was announced, I’ve been fairly ambivalent about it.  Star Trek needs to be refreshed, but Abrams has yet to impress me in a big way.  I thought Mission: Impossible III was a dull exercise in by-the-numbers action filmmaking, and I attempted for a few months to get into Lost without success; I’ve never been inspired to seek out Alias, either.  Hearing that Abrams was taking on the franchise that I have loved since as long as I can remember (I was a Trekker before I was a Star Wars geek) was somewhat disappointing, given his track record.

This trailer, however, changes a lot of that.

I won’t be convinced that he’s pulled it off until I see it for myself in full.  But this trailer offers glimpses that fuel a hope in me that this reboot will be worth building upon.  I like the redesigned look of things; it has a sleek, futuristic impression with enough retro Star Trek influence to feel familiar.  I hope that Abrams avoids the pit of nostalgia and sets these characters free into their own story, instead of spending too much time paying homage to the old Star Trek.  That’s one of the elements of Indiana Jones IV that drove me insane.  Don’t spend time incorporating forced homages and mythologizing; just leap into the new story and run with it.


I particularly enjoy the look we get at Vulcan and Spock’s childhood.  It seems to be sort of a Rivendell meets Star Trek thing.  Seeing as how the Vulcans are kind of the Tolkienian Elves of Star Trek, that seems appropriate.

Eric Bana as a Scottish-sounding Romulan cracks me up. 

I like the epic look of the production.  Star Trek has always been about two things: the ideas, and the characters.  That’s what makes it work, and Abrams had better stick to those principles in forming his own film.  But I’m glad that the scale is larger, the stakes seem higher, the canvas is greater.  Some of my favourite moments from Star Trek lore arose out of the bloody Dominion War from the latter seasons of Deep Space Nine; that whole focus on a larger, galaxy-shaping battle taking place helped the show immensely.  


What I don’t want to see lots of in Star Trek, is sex.  Yes, it’s been a part of the show since the 60s, but it has always been discreetly handled (up until Enterprise, at least) and not the main focus.  Maybe it’s me thinking back to watching NextGen as a five-year old; there’s an innocence of sorts that I associate with Star Trek, and I don’t want Abrams to lay waste to that in a phaser spread of hormones.

So, I’m beyond intrigued and actually looking forward to this.  Mr. Abrams, make us proud.


One Response to ““Do you feel like you were meant for something better?””

  1. An argument would erupt though, if Kirk didn’t get a ridiculous amount of sex. It’s more a tribute than a joke. =P John Cho will act as a hilarious foil to this too.

    The thing I’m looking forward to the most is Spock. Played by Sylar. heh. The man is a good actor though, so I really look forward to it. Spock is a rich, rich character.

    Eric Bana will be endlessly entertaining.

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