I love Roland Emmerich.

The first look at Roland Emmerich’s newest disaster-fest (remember that he’s responsible for Independence Day, Godzilla, and The Day After Tomorrow) is online here.

It’s pure Emmerich.  If you enjoyed the sea rising scenes in Day After Tomorrow, you will love what’s in store for 2012 (which is being released July 10, 2009).  Funnily enough, it’s the second film in a row by him that is named after a certain date (after the abysmal 10,000 B.C.), and if you include The Day After Tomorrow, the third title in a row to be significantly related to time in some way.

From what I’ve read, this promises to be Emmerich’s most outlandish popcorn work since ID4.  The teaser says enough.  Yes, the word ‘silly’ seems to lose all meaning when it’s up against this, but if anyone knows how to do big-budget, end-of-the-world goofiness, it’s Emmerich.

Click here to read a script review by Ain’t It Cool News.


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