Paul Newman: 1925-2008


This is very sad news to be posting.  Legendary actor Paul Newman died Friday at his home in Connecticut, of cancer.  He was 83.      

I came late to seeing Newman as an actor, and even now, I’m not well versed in his filmography.  I know what work he’s done, but I haven’t seen a good deal of it yet.  My first exposure to Paul Newman was his last live-action feature, Road To Perdition.  His performance as the elderly lord of an Irish crime family is a masterfully tuned portrayal, balancing cold menace with grandfatherly warmth; weariness with icy resolve.  It’s an instantly memorable role.

The other Newman role that sticks with me is, of course, Butch Cassidy.  Newman’s presence as a character and as a movie star is at its peak in Butch.  His natural charisma and physical presence combine to make Butch one of cinema’s enduring heroes.

I cherish these two films, and I look forward to discovering more of Newman’s work.  He will be sorely missed.

For more information, I would suggest reading the CNN news story here and Roger Ebert’s piece here.

Update: The Ebert link has been fixed.


One Response to “Paul Newman: 1925-2008”

  1. Ebert link seems to be dead. Newman was also the co-owner of Newman-Haas Racing, and a race car driver. Newman-Haas was the team that Michael Andretti raced for back in the day. Either way, it’s a loss for multiple communities.

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