Film Journal – 2008

Films released in 2008 (or seen at festivals), in alphabetical order and with star rating (out of 4 stars). I have also indicated films that will be on my Best of the Year list. Some films were seen at VIFF and may not receive a wide release until 2009 (and maybe not at all, in some cases).

4 Months, 3 Weeks, & 2 Days **** (Best of Year)

10,000 BC *1/2

Action Boys (VIFF) ***

Ballast **** (Best of Year)

Body of Lies ***

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian ***

Cloverfield ***

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ***1/2

The Dark Knight **** (Best of Year)

The Day The Earth Stood Still **1/2

Doomsday **1/2

Doubt ***1/2

Edison & Leo (VIFF) ***

The Fall ***1/2

Get Smart ***

Gomorrah (VIFF) **1/2

The Good The Bad The Weird (VIFF) ***1/2

Hellboy II: The Golden Army ***1/2

In Bruges **** (Best of Year)

The Incredible Hulk **

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ***

Iron Man ***1/2

Leatherheads ***

Pineapple Express ***

Quantum of Solace ***1/2

Repo! The Genetic Opera **

Shotgun Stories ***1/2

Speed Racer ***1/2 (Best of Year)

Synecdoche, New York ***1/2 (Best of Year)

The Reader **

Tropic Thunder ***

Vantage Point ***

Wall·E ***1/2 (Best of Year)

Wanted **


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